Overview: An Ecumenical Project


LPM is a Program of The Episcopal Church (TEC) and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), but LPM welcomes all persons and denominations interested in the church’s music and worship.  “LPM is a national teaching ministry giving Church Musicians an increased sense of vocational awareness and the tools and resources to help congregations sing well and participate actively in worship." (National LPM Mission Statement)”


The LPM program, based on a common syllabus in use across the country, consists of seven courses with outside assignments offered over a two-year period. The Central Virginia program includes five Saturday sessions as well as several on-line sessions. Full details can be found on the Program page. All participants in the LPM program worship together, receive instruction, build collegial relationships and return to their parishes with new ideas and new perspectives. Individual classes or the complete 2-year program may be taken by any interested persons, including, but not limited to:

  • Church musicians (including choir members)
  • Vestry or Council members
  • Clergy
  • Worship, Music and Liturgy committee persons
  • Members of the congregation
  • Musicians interested in increasing their knowledge and skills

All classes include components of lecture, practical application, reflection and completion of outside assignments. Each course emphasizes theological, musical and pastoral principles. Instructors address healthy musician-clergy relationships and emphasize an attitude of openness to needs of students’ congregations.


All courses have specific requirements for completion and require study and practice. A Pass/Fail evaluation for each student will be given at the end of each course. Upon successfully completing requirements in all classes, students will be awarded A Certificate in Church Music from the National Leadership Program for Musicians.

Virginia LPM Student Policies Link